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The Edit Product page

An overview of the Edit Product page, where you can make changes and additions to existing products.

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Access the Edit Product page by first going to your Products page and clicking any product or variant.

If your catalog is empty and there are no products, we have an article on creating products, or you might need to import from one of your integrations.

In this article, we'll cover the three tabs of the Edit Product page. The tabs include:

Product Details (tab)

For Square Online users:

Square has updated how it handles Square Online listings, which affects how we sync images and descriptions. You might need to tweak your workflow while we make updates to support this change.

Contact us to ensure you can continue updating your products without affecting your website.

On the Product Details tab (highlighted in red above), you'll be able to add/edit many fields, including:

In addition, you can also edit SKU, barcode, price (and price type), cost, PAR level & reorder quantity, and expiration dates.


We offer price type options (fixed, variable, per unit), integration, and location-specific pricing.

Locations (tab)

On the Locations tab (highlighted in orange above), you get an overview of the default values, like price, default cost, PAR level, and reorder quantity.

You can also choose which integrations and locations the product is enabled for, adjust receive, and manually adjust inventory quantities.

To edit a location, use the toggles under the Location Name column. Green (enabled) means we're pushing that product to the location, and grey (disabled) means otherwise.

Enabling the location feature is imperative to ensure that you can sell, return, exchange, transfer, or receive a product.

Under the Enabled Channels column, you'll see exactly which sales channels we are syncing information to. Click "Edit" to enable or disable channels.

Have a product that you want available at one integration but not another?

Managing the availability of your products doesn't have to be hard. We have the tools to help you correctly set them up one by one or in bulk!

The Quantity Available column shows how much of a product (including the variants) is physically at a particular location. Click "Edit" to see more details across locations, how much of each variant is available, and also receive and manually adjust inventory, as shown here:

Looking for all the options to receive products in Thrive? We've outlined them for you in the article below:

The "Use Defaults" toggle allows you to set location-specific prices, default cost, PAR levels, and reorder quantities.

To edit the integration a product is available at, click the “Edit” button in the “Enabled Channels” column.

Under the Advanced column is a gear wheel. Click the gear wheel for another way to adjust inventory levels for that product (receive or manually adjust).

To adjust inventory levels, click “Edit” in the “Qty Available” column or the gear wheel under Advanced. This will lead you to a page where you can input the Adjustment reason, Adjustment quantity, and Cost per unit for each variant within each location you wish to update!


Quantities can be adjusted in various ways on Thrive, including from the Inventory page using the Actions button, Bulk Upload, or the options listed here.

Integrations (tab)

The Integrations tab (highlighted in green above) allows you to manipulate integration-specific pricing and additional fields (for Shopify and WooCommerce users).

For Shopify and WooCommerce users, see the additional fields you can sync by clicking below:

Edit your catalog in bulk

Most products and variant fields are editable via a bulk upload spreadsheet. To learn more and see the possibilities, check out this article:

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