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How to find your Total Number of Products
How to find your Total Number of Products

A guide to finding your total number of products and variants and total quantity in stock.

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Searching for the "total number of products" in your catalog can mean a few different things. To clarify, there is a difference between the total number of products (and variants), the quantity in stock, and the total number of products in a catalog.

Here we'll discuss the difference between each and where to find those numbers in Thrive.

Total # of Products (and Variants)

This number contains all of your products, including their variants, and is what most people are looking for. The best way to do this is by location.

To calculate this number:

  1. Generate an Edit Variants Bulk Upload for a single location.

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the spreadsheet and make note of which row of the last product/variant.

  3. Take that row number and subtract the number of rows that are in the header (top of the spreadsheet) as highlighted here:

  • Some things to note the spreadsheet will not include Bundles (but their components will show on the spreadsheet.

Another option is to pull an Inventory Report and export it as a CSV. Then calculate the number of rows. This report does not include 1) Bundles 2) products/variants with a null (empty, no value) quantity, or 3) products/variants with inventory tracking disabled.

Total quantity in stock

This number takes into account all your products, variants, and all of their corresponding quantities.

To find this number, run an Inventory Report and the total will be in a Summary Box, as shown here:

  • NOTE: To filter by location, use the Filters button.

Total # of Products

This is the sum of all your simple products plus your products with variants and excludes individual variants.

Regardless of your number of locations, this number will only count the unique products (excluding individual variants).

To see your total number of products:

  1. The total number of products is displayed at the bottom-right corner of the page.

  • NOTE: The Consolidated Inventory view is typically used for larger accounts to decrease load time. If you prefer the Consolidated view and want it as your new default, just let our Customer Care Team know and we can assist further.

If you use the Filter button or filter using a keyword, the number of products will adjust based on the parameters set.

Remember this is only a total of your products. Variants are not included in this count.

Another option is to follow the steps here, but instead, use the Edit Products Bulk Upload.


Let's say I have a Logo T-Shirt (product) in my catalog, and it comes in different sizes/colors (variants) as shown here:

In addition, we have 10 units in each size/color, for a grand total of 60 units that would fall under the Logo T-Shirt product.

This breaks down to:

  • # of products and variants: 6

  • Quantity in Stock: 60

  • # of products: 1

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