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Strategies for a Profitable Holiday Season
Strategies for a Profitable Holiday Season

Unlocking success strategies for a profitable holiday season

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[October 3rd, 2023]

As the holidays draw near, there are a lot of considerations for businesses, including:

Continue reading for the tools in Thrive to combat holiday headaches.

And don't forget to download our Holiday Kit, complete with a podcast, checklist, calendar, and articles:

Forecasting holiday demand:

The holidays are busy for everyone. Predicting how much product to have on hand, transit delays or shortages, last-minute shift changes, and trying to get your own holiday shopping done is enough to make anyone’s head spin.

Luckily, our comprehensive reports will help. They span from historic Product Sales Reports, Dead Inventory, and Stock Forecasting to name a few. Read all about the reports we offer here.

Not seeing a report with what you’re looking for? No problem, we’ve also got over 35 different reporting widgets for you to use with our custom reports.

In addition, we also have Dashboards that make it quick and easy to see exactly how the day, week, or month is going and if you’re on target to hit your sales goal.

Use our Metrics and Reports to:

  • Analyze past holiday trends

  • Utilize sales data and staff feedback

  • Conduct market research

Meeting the needs of your staff:

Let’s face it, training (and retraining) takes time.

That's why we’ve got you covered with our completely FREE Thrive University program. There are videos, guided slide shows, and a curriculum to ensure your team is comfortable using Thrive.

  • Pro-Tip: Just like you're favorite podcast, you can adjust the playback speed as well.

O current courses include Getting Started, Streamlining Inventory Counts, and Reporting Insights, to name a few. And we’re adding more classes as quickly as we can.

Check Thrive training off your list of To Do’s, so you can focus on:

  • Staff planning and scheduling

  • Communicating expectations and goals

  • Equipping your team with the power to succeed

Ensuring accurate inventory counts:

Reliable quantities in Thrive and your POS are essential for a healthy business. Having the numbers you can depend on not only gives you the confidence to track down the last product in stock for a customer but also contributes to accurate reporting.

Performing cycle counts with our Stocktakes tool is an absolute MUST during the year, especially during the holidays. Stocktakes provide you with the confidence that your quantities are accurate and make your reports more reliable.

Create your own inventory counting plan today. Whether it’s counting high dollar-value items, high shrink items, or just making sure you count every product at least once every few months.

Routine cycle counts will help:

  • Communicate discrepancies

  • Uncover mislabeled products

  • Anticipate and address stock shortages

Maximizing your profits:

Ensure the prices you’ve set are helping you meet your bottom line. With location and integration-specific pricing options, and additional fields for Shopify and WooCommerce users, we’ve got the options to ensure you succeed.

Maximize your profits by:

  • Establishing pricing strategies for the holiday season

  • Bundling and upselling opportunities

  • Cross-selling and promotions

  • Cost reduction and expense management

Be aware of incoming shipments:

With Purchase Orders, you can ensure you’re getting the products that you ordered and have an easier check-in process when they arrive.

With our In-Transit Report, know what’s on its way, and when it’s expected.

Be ahead of the curve this year by:

  • Collaborating with your suppliers

  • Knowing your contacts for each vendor

  • Order tracking and monitoring

Staying ahead of increased demand:

Alerts help you rest easy knowing that you’ll be alerted when a specific product or category is at a critical level. You set the level when you want us to warn you, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Setting an alert for products helps:

  • Identify your essentials and what you must keep in stock

  • Automate order fulfillment with the Auto-Add Low Inventory button

  • Optimize production and operations

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