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New User Checklist

New to Thrive? Start your journey here!

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Welcome aboard!

While each role can be different, there are some basic features you can use to maximize your experience with Thrive.

Here’s your New User Checklist to get you started:

Set Up Your Profile

Ensure your name and timezone are correct on your user profile. Add a photo to confirm you’re logged in with your credentials easily.

Customize Your Home Page

Make the Home page your own by choosing the widgets and metrics relevant to your role.

You can use the bulletin board for team announcements or personal reminders.

Stop using your point-of-sale provider's inventory app

All inventory changes should now be done exclusively in Thrive. Changes made in Thrive will automatically be reflected in your point of sale.

Updating quantities in your provider's (Clover, Square, etc.) system can lead to inventory discrepancies. Learn more

Nothing changes in the sales process

Ringing up customers is the same as it was before. Sales at the point of sale are automatically reported to Thrive to deduct quantities and compile reports.

Explore the Thrive University Collection

Visit Thrive University to find courses relevant to your role. There might be new strategies and insights to help you improve your workflow.

Watch the Video Tour (20 min):

The video tour provides a comprehensive overview of the platform, covering all the features to ensure you get the most out of Thrive:

Download the Scan App

The Scan app is perfect for quick look-ups when you’re away from your computer or POS.

Pro Tip

You can also receive and reconcile inventory on the Scan app.

Opt Into Automatic Emails

You can opt into automatic emails and set up alerts, PAR levels, and specific reports (available on the Professional Plan and above) to be emailed to you automatically.

Keep Up to Date on New Features

You can bookmark our changelog to stay informed about updates and new features.

Know Your Resources

Remember, the Help Center is available to assist you. If you have any questions or feedback, contact us anytime, and we’ll help you get back on track.

Welcome to Thrive!

We’re excited to have you with us and are here to support your success.

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